Feel fenced in by skyscrapers and congested roads?

Does road rage force you to use a vocabulary you never knew you had?

Is stress choking the life out of you?

Here is a break-away opportunity where your only companions will be peace, tranquility, the breeze in the trees and the twitter of birds!


The Ceres Karoo, secretive and full of wonderful surprises, forms the backdrop to the Gats River Holiday Farm. Here, on the banks of the Ongeluks River you will experience the Karoo in its full diversity and nuances.

In close proximity is the Oliviersberg Mountain (1 366m) from where the Gats River originates. To the west the confluence of the Gats and Tankwa Rivers joins up with the Doring River. This fact puts paid to the perception that the Karoo is a bare, barren and flat piece of our country.

The topography of Gats River Holiday Farm – in between the Roggeveld Mountains and the Koedoesberg Mountains – is responsible for various little mountain rills with beautiful rock formations forming the background for wonderful hiking trails. On top of it all, literally, available 4X4 routes reach heights of up to 1 230 metres, from where the view stretches over a wonderland of hills, rivers and the famous Karoo bushes; a truly awe inspiring experience.

On the farm beautiful karee (Rhus sp.) and thorn (Acacia) trees provide shade and shelter from the sun during summer, and also attract many bird species. Consequently the farm is a bird watcher’s paradise. When good rains are experienced during October through July, the Karoo is transformed into a fairyland of colours in August through October. The sheer magnificence of this spectacle during flower time must be experienced to be appreciated.

The warm, languid summer days are usually fanned by a cool breeze, ideal for catching up on your reading in the shade under the trees, giving free rein to your thoughts or just grabbing a quick nap. Nights are cool and refreshing, equipping you with energy for your explorations the following day. If you visit us in winter time, prepare yourself for very cold nights, even early morning frost, yet lovely warm days when  coats, jackets and sweaters can be peeled off again.

Due to the total absence of air pollution and no reflected lights from nearby towns, our nights are unbelievably brilliant. Star gazers and satellite watchers cannot ask for a better venue to pursue their particular hobbies.

Leave your mobile phone in your vehicle – no reception on the farm – and recharge your own batteries for a change. You owe it  to yourself and the people close to you!!

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